Locks have taken an imperative place in our lives. Locks are utilized to protect the buildings, rooms, wardrobes, cabinets and other objects that secure something special in them. The key is utilized to access the lock. It can either be used to open the door or the thing on which the lock is placed, or to close it. Lock and key is like a mixture that acts in order to protect the valuable things of people. Necessity is the mother of invention. The history of lock and the key date back about 4000 years ago when the first lock was discovered by the Egyptians. It remains could still be found in the Egyptian empire where there was a dire require of lock. These days, different types of locks have originated with a number of keys which are of different shapes and sizes. The people keep each combination of lock and key different from the other in order to save themselves from any kind of serious robbery.

Master Key System

There is an assortment of different types of locks with their keys. The residences have different locks whereas the banks make their locks of different form and even the key may not match with anybody. On the other hand is the residential key system in which the lock permits itself to be opened by several keys. The residential key system is usually found in apartments, common areas or places such as the main entrance in which people can access the place by their apartment key. But there is an inherent security lack due to which it is usually forbidden in some states or cities. Hence an electronic key system is promoted in these areas so as to save them from any type of catastrophe. The Master key system, however, provide a better solution. This system allows that every individual should work their own locks. No one is accountable and neither can access the locks of anybody by using their key. Hence the area or the place is saved from the chance of occurrence of risk. Locked Key in Car is very frustrating situation and you need an instant help of skilled locksmith. Without hiring the services of locksmith nobody can deal with any kind of emergency services.

Chip keys are very much renowned in the formation of cars. They use automatic system in which the key is particularly designed according to the lock which is a circuit that emits radiation. If the incorrect key is used by the intruder, the circuit will not emit radiation and hence the door will remain unlocked. The best part of this key is that it cannot be easily duplicated. Moreover, like other keys, the lock will not open by just a mere forcing of a simple or a fault key.