Over the years the need for greater security has increased a lot. We can all no longer leave our doors and windows unlocked when we go around to the neighbors we can’t even leave the door unlocked when we go upstairs for two minutes these days. So most of us are aware we need good door and window locks but most people don’t have a clue what type of lock is on their door. So here is a quick guide to home security, let’s start with wooden door security first.

It is suggested to have at least two BS3621 2007 mortise locks fitted in case of a wooden door. You usually would have one that works along with a latch and deadbolt to prevent anyone from kicking the door in. But, you must place them low down as that is where someone is most likely to kick in. There is no reason not to add two deadlocks as well as slash locks for added security.

Composite and UPVC doors are very popular nowadays and are used more than wooden doors. The locks that come along with these doors are cheap, weak, and can be broken very easily by using a technique known as lock bumping or lock snapping. These locks are usually of bad quality. This keeps the door’s cost low which means doors are easier to sell. A simple solution to this is to upgrade to anti-snap cylinders from lock cylinders. It is suggested to fit anti-snap locks to all the doors in your home.

In the case of composite and UPVC doors, there is an option to upgrade door handles too. The lock-snapping technique involves removing the handles first. You must upgrade your handles to more secure and better ones. It is suggested to replace the lock barrels and handles at the same time in order to provide the door top security.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in understanding the level of security that you need for your doors. If you are living in the Port Orchard area and are looking for a local locksmith then it is suggested to hire local locksmith Port Orchard. They have been working in the area for many years and can provide you best service.